Wrestler: "Wild" Bull Curry
Real Name: Fred Thomas Koury, Sr.
Birthday: May 2, 1913
Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 5'10" - 210 lbs
Trained by:
Previous Gimmicks:
Finishing Move: Forign Objects
Favorite Moves: Punch in the Face
Notable Feuds:
Johnny Valentine
Danny McShain
Tarzan Zorro
Rocky Johnson
The Sheik
Mad Man Martin
Mad Dog Vachon
El Medico
The Hells Angels
Don Evans
Notable Feuds:
Jack Dalton
Tony Borne
Louie Tillet
Frank Shields
Mighty Igor
Thunderbolt Patterson
The Continentals
Danny Savich
Jack Dalton
Frank Shields

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  • Texas Brass Knuckles title (for practically 20 years);
  • Texas Heavyweight title;
  • Georgia Heavyweight title;
  • Unites States title;
  • NWA (Ohio) World Tag Team titles w/Fred Curry defeating Nicoli & Boris Volkoff (December 1967);

  • In the Beginning:
  • Bull Curry (Fred Khoury) is of Lebanese descent, although it was never played up in the wrestling arena..
  • Bull Curry at age sixteen joined the circus, where in the true nature of Carney lore, he took on all comers in the big top's ring..
  • 1940: Bull Curry boxed Jack Dempsey in Detroit at the Fairground Coliseum..
  • Bull Curry is the father of Flyin' Fred Curry and the grandfather of Flyin' Fred Curry Jr..

    Getting into the Business:
  • Bull Curry headlined cards all over the world and wrestled legends such as Gorgeous George, Dory Funk Sr., Don Leo Jonathon, etc..
  • Bull Curry's style was so chaotic and unparalleled that they created the Brass Knucks title for him..
  • ~~~During a match that took place in Texas, an angry fan dumped a bucket of yellow paint over Bull Curry's head!

    The Currys (Bull & Fred Curry):
  • December 1967: The Currys (Bull & Fred) defeated Nicoli & Boris Volkoff to win the NWA (Ohio) World Tag Team titles..
  • March 1968: Bull Curry & Fred Curry engaged in a bloody feud with the The Continetals (Dapper Dan & Tony Christie)..
  • Summer 1968: Bull Curry engaged in a feud with a newcomer to the wrestling business, Thunderbolt Patterson..

    The Death of Bull Curry:
  • March 8, 1985: Bull Curry passed away..