[Rufus R. Jones Gallery]
Wrestler: Rufus R. Jones
Real Name: Carey Lloyd
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Debut: 1969
Previous Gimmicks: Rufus R. "Freight Train" Jones
Finishing Move: Head Butt
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds:
The Crusher
Ric Flair
The Andersons
JR Hogg
CC Starr
Hacksaw Higgens
Bobby Jaggers
Ken Lucas
Notable Feuds:
The Sweetans
Hans Schmidt
Bill Miller
Iron Mike Loren
Tarzan Goto
Sheik Abdullah
Tim Flowers
Ken Timms

  • Central States Tag Team titles w/Steve Bolus (1971);
  • Central States Tag Team titles w/The Stomper (October 18, 1972);
  • Central States Tag Team titles w/Bob Geigel (February 1, 1973);
  • Central States Tag Team titles w/Bob Geigel (June 11, 1974);
  • NWA World Tag Team titles w/Wahoo McDaniel (January 1, 1976);
  • Mid-Atlantic Television title (November 30, 1976);
  • Mid-Atlantic Television title (March 1, 1977);
  • Alabama Heavyweight title (1979);
  • Central States Tag Team titles w/Bob Brown (August 14, 1980);
  • Central States Tag Team titles w/Dewey Robertson (October 1, 1980);
  • Central States Television title (May 7, 1981);
  • Mid-Atlantic Tag Team titles w/Busgy McGraw (July 20, 1983);
  • Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight title (August 5, 1983);
  • Central States Tag Team titles w/Mike George (June 15, 1986);
  • Central States Heavyweight title (May 21, 87);
  • Central States Heavyweight title (July 17, 1987);

  • 1970s-80s: Rufus R. Jones competed in the AWA, NWA and Mid-Atlantic, among other regions..
  • December 3, 1971: Rufus Jones won a major battle royal in St Louis, Missouri...
  • Rufus R. Jones wrestled NWA champ Dory Funk to a 60 minute draw once in St. Louis..
  • February 5, 1976: Rufus R. Jones wrestled Terry Funk to a one hour draw in Winston, Salem..
  • July 6, 1976: Rufus R. Jones defeated Terry Funk by DQ in Columbia SC..
  • Famous Quote: "My name is Rufus R. Jones, and the 'R' stands for 'guts.'"
  • 1993: Rufus Jones died from a heart attack while deer hunting at the age of 60..

    Dale Pierce wrote: Rufus Jones died from a heart attack while deer hunting. Jones, a well-liked member of the area masonic lodge, had a wide number of lodge members as well as fans attend his funeral. Masonic rituals were performed at the viewing of the body prior to burial. Jones was buried at the Forrest Hill Cemetery in Kansas City, Kansas.

    Indie wrestler CC Starr who idolized Jones, once drove all the way from Phoenix to Kansas City in order to work a match with him on a Kansas indy card. Starr heard of his idol's death in an unpleasant way, while working another job as a card dealer in the saloon of Rawhide Western Theme Park near phoenix a year or two later, when a group of wrestlers went to see him. Out of the blue one remarked, "Oh your pal, Jones died." It was not the most tactful way to break the news.